Accident & Health Insurance

We specialise in corporate travel, health, personal accident and employee benefits. We only team up with leading insurers to enable our Authorised Representatives to assist you with a selection of prime comprehensive products. Once tailored to suit your unique needs and requirements, these offerings suit most accident and health risks.

We can address a wide array of needs ranging from a personal accident and sickness cover for a tradesman to complex comprehensive and travelling policies for local or overseas staff on your payroll. We are confident that we can assist you with a wide and extensive range of options tailored to your every need.

Our Accident and Health-related solutions provide you with a diverse portfolio of plans to protect individuals traveling or engaged in recreational activities effectively  addressing a wide range.

These plans include:

  • Group Accident and Sickness
  • Individual Accident and Sickness
  • Group Voluntary Workers
  • Group EBA
  • Group Journey Insurance
  • Group Sports Injury Insurance
  • Corporate In-Pat and Ex-Pat Travel
  • Corporate and Group Travel

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