Cyber Insurance

If your business operations are reliant upon the internet, email, websites or computer software, you are not covered for one of the most important aspects of your business by your existing insurer. We are referring to the critical aspect of data.

Our Authorised Representatives specialise in Cyber Insurance. Our suite of special product offerings includes protecting your business against cybercrime and the new data privacy legislation.  This is an important aspect to note as over 20% of Australian organisations were dealt a blow by cybercrime in 2012. (Source: 2012 Cyber Crime and Security Report, CERT Australia).

Our partners have provided us with specialist cyber policies which are perfect to address your resulting exposure from reliance on the internet, websites, data, computer programs and safekeeping of private information relating to your client base.


The key elements faced by businesses using and protecting their data and using digital media and communications are covered by this specific product.

This refers to the following areas:

  • Breach Cost – relating to the reimbursement of your own related cost in the event of the breaching of data.
  • Privacy Protection – Failure to keep data secure resulting in third party claims.
  • Business Interruption – Lost or reduced revenue compensation
  • Cyber Liability – Content in email, intranet, extranet or website resulting in third party claims
  • Hacker Damage – Costs to repair, replace or restore systems and data because of hacker activity, reimbursed
  • Cyber Extortion – Payment of ransom demands and specialist consultants' fees, where your data, programs or network is hacker held

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