Employment Practices Insurance

A type of cover designed to protect your business large or small against wrongful acts arising from the employment process in your organisation. The management and administration of human resources are well protected against omissions and errors by means of this product.  It is an HR malpractice policy and a valuable form of risk management in the human resources area of business. The following areas fall under the area of protection: discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination and retaliation. It also covers inappropriate workplace conduct in the form of the following relating to employment: invasion of privacy, deprivation of career opportunities, negligent evaluation, failure to promote and defamation of character.

Our range of cover applies to directors and officers, management personnel and employees, all falling under this protective umbrella.

Reasons for considering mitigating your risk under employment practices include the following.

  • Employees are more litigious today than ever
  • Employee tribunal cases increase year on year
  • Many are not recorded
  • Many make it to a tribunal instead of settling out of court

Our skilled Authorised Representatives can assist you to cover the potential loss of employment practices actions by providing the specific protection for your type of business which includes:

  • Insurance for an array of business ranging from private companies, not-for-profits to partnerships
  • Cover in mitigating a wide range of potential employment practice violation
  • A wide definition of who constitutes an employee
  • Including claims of third parties for harassment as well as discrimination

This product is available as a stand-alone coverage but also recommended as part of a management liability package solution.

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Employment Practices Insurance