Environmental Liability Insurance

This offering is formulated to mitigate the risk of any business or personal producing, processing, storing, transporting and handling potential contaminants. Pollutants are not only toxic substances but refer to any substance which should not be in a specific area. It can include everyday substances for example salt, fuel and oil which can harm plants, animals, destroy habitat and water resources.

Our team specialises in analysing environmental liability risk exposure and we can provide you with pollution liability protection which is designed to suit your business profile best. We have access to a range of products that could adequately address any risk profile and are confident in our ability to mitigate your risk in this area.

Environmental Liability Insurance can define pollution much more broadly than the rest of the products in this category of liability. It does not only cover bodily injury and property damages but also provides you with critical protection against liabilities imposed by State and Federal legislation. This includes protection for shareholders, officers, employees, directors and members of elected boards.

Our experienced team of Authorised Representatives at Rensure Insurance Group Newcastle are well-positioned and experienced to guide you through the following environmental liability options:

  • Contractors Pollution Liability with special focus on liabilities and potential financial losses because of pollution risks which could result in a covered operation developing into a pollution-related incident.
  • Environmental Site Liability with focus on bodily injuries, property damages and remediation costs.   This type of liability product offers far-reaching protection against a vast array of environmental-related risk scenarios.
  • Pollution Liability is covered by our policy known as Chubb’s Pollution Liability which is issued by one of our admitted member insurance companies. This valuable product will afford you the means to effectively protect your business against pollution related losses. You will never lose another night of sleep over this again.

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Environmental Insurance