Statutory Liability Insurance

It is important to know that fines can be imposed through strict liability and circumstances which may be entirely out of your hands and impossible to foresee or control.  It can be mitigated through an exciting product that sets out to provide protection to the insured business or company, directors, principals, partners and staff against fines that may be accrued during innocent and accidental breaching of acts that govern business activities.

This policy is specially formulated to provide specialist cover in respect of your business, senior management structure and general staff in the event of wrongful breaching of legislation during the performance of their business-related activities and operations. Be aware that businesses and employees can be held reliable for the actions of others and not just their own. Senior management, directors, principals, employees and partners may be held accountable and fined for the irresponsible and unauthorised actions of employees, partners, other directors, agents or contractors, resulting in financial risk and losses to the business.

Rensure Insurance Group Newcastle can assist you with a complete solution in terms of statutory liability in providing a solid solution to this aspect of running your business.  We have access to a range of comprehensive products which can be tailored to your specific requirements and risks to be covered:

  • The cost of representation at an investigation or inquiry.
  • Defence costs pertaining to breaches in terms of the Privacy Act, Fair Trading Act, Consumers Guarantee Act, Building Act as well as other statutes affecting your scope of commercial activities. It is to be noted that police prosecutions and taxation legislation are both excluded from this.
  • Cash and fines payable by the insurer due to offences under the covered statutes, except for those under the Health and Safety in Employment Act.

Our Authorised Representatives will advise you on the best and most cost-effective way of protecting the interests of the following:

  • Company, inclusive of any declared subsidiary, for its own liability.
  • Company, by way of reimbursement to the point of understanding that the company has directly indemnified any officer, as it was legally permitted or obliged to do.
  • Officers, inclusive of directors, trustees, managers and employees, in that capacity, to the extent that the company has not directly indemnified them.

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Statutory Liability Insurance