Business Interruption Insurance

Small business owners are painfully aware that they cannot afford to be out of business for any period of trading. It is a reality of our times that anything can go wrong, sending your planning into chaos. This is when you can rely on Business Interruption cover to come to your assistance, enabling you to continue with business operations and fulfilling your commitments until everything runs smoothly again.

This product is designed to enable you to protect your small business from income loss resulting from direct loss, damage or destruction to business property under cover. This aims to restore the status of your business operations to the same level it was before the interruption occurred, providing you with a sense of security.

The Business Interruption feature is a critical and essential business risk management strategy, providing you with the ability to overcome setbacks caused by loss of income during periods when you find yourself unable to carry out normal business operations because of circumstances beyond your control and everyday planning.

We specialise in Business Interruption Cover which is intelligently designed to protect your enterprise against the actual loss of business income due to the suspension of your business activities. It creates a bridging period for you in which you can restore your business premises and repair damages to become fully operational again. It protects against:

  • Loss of gross rental income
  • Loss of profits
  • The increased cost of operation for example due to advertising costs to inform customers of a new trading location or even the relocating costs to temporary working facilities.

As a business owner, you would know that your stock, material and premises may be covered under standard protective cover.  Your ability to bounce back effectively from an unforeseen situation largely depends on what other out of pocket and unforeseen bills and expenses must be taken care of in the period during which you prepare to return to business. This product is designed to support you during this time, which is crucial for a successful return to operations.

Based on unique business needs, many considerations must be considered when designing a unique solution around Business Interruption coverage, which goes far beyond the basic coverage required.

Rensure Insurance Group Newcastle has full access to a wide range of policies and solution-driven outcomes, depending on the unique needs of your business.

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